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House Sitters Wanted

Pet Sitters found for FREE? Too good to be true, surely?!

Pet Sitters or Housesitters can be found by Home Owners for FREE .

Yes, that’s correct, you won’t need a single note in your wallet to use!

house sitters payment not requiredUnlike some other house sitter or pet sitter introduction websites, our service is entirely FREE for homeowners to use this site and to list their requirements AND to find sitters by searching with our ‘SmartMatch’ filter system.

This benefit to home owners is doubled however, simply because:

House sitters and pet sitters are presented, via ‘SmartMatch’, with a selection of assignments that are carefully filtered to their requirements, thus the number of applications that home owners receive are fewer, but those applications should be highly relevant to their needs.

Therefore, home owners won’t have to wade through hundreds of applications when they place a listing for a house sitter.

Likewise, the ‘SmartMatch’ filter system also presents profiles of sitters who may be suitable for home owners in a targeted order by suitability score, so if an owner decides to search for an appropriate sitter, they should only have to contact two or three people rather than 40 or 50 to assess whether those sitters are definitely suitable.

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