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house and pet sitter profileYou can use the housem8 Intelligent Matching System to quickly and easily find a housesit or a pet sitting assignment. We believe that our revolutionary ‘SmartMatch’ engine reduces the time spent in searching for assignments, not least applying for them, by a very significant factor.

Like a modern luxury car, the ‘SmartMatch’ house sitter and homeowner powerhouse of this website is complex ‘under the hood’, but very easy to operate.

In short, it works like this:

1) After registration, the House Sitter or Pet Sitter fills in their profile whilst carefully considering the implications of their answers. One of the main purposes of having such an in-depth profile questionnaire is to educate the sitter as to what might lie ahead in the world of pet sitting and house sitting!

2) Each profile criteria or category has a ‘mirror’ question that is similarly asked of the homeowner.

3) After the sitter has created a profile, they can immediately start to search for a suitable assignment by date, country or both. But that’s where most other house sitter finder sites finish their filtering system, and where housem8 starts! 

4) When searching for a pet sitting or a house sitter assignment, members will notice that results are returned in a percentage score order. The location and date of assignments are not used for the scoring system, to avoid severe complexity, but every other profile criteria is matched to offer a suitability percentage of sitter to homeowner.

pet sitters and homeowners brought togetherFOR EXAMPLE:

Sitter creates profile, logs-in to the system, then searches for an assignment based anywhere in the USA over the following 12 months from today.

Let’s say that 250 assignments might be returned. So, instead of the sitter having to scroll through each and every assignment, the theoretically perfect 100% score would appear first on the list. This would mean that for every profile question answered, the homeowner’s ‘mirror’ question matched the sitter’s question perfectly. Thus, when the sitter applies for the assignment, the owner already knows that the sitter is looking to charge, say, up to $50 per day for their services, that the sitter will walk the owner’s two dogs off the lead, that they are prepared to undertake light gardening and that they have a clean background reference check ready to present!

So, if three assignments showing 66% match appear on the system, then another three or four showing 62%, the sitter only needs to scroll through the profiles, quickly looking at images and the map reference initially, before clicking one button to apply for an assignment.

Effectively, all the hard work is done by the system, so in theory, house sitters and home owners only need communicate once or twice through the secure anonymous housem8 messaging system as a formality before an application can be accepted by an owner.

We genuinely feel that half an hour spent carefully considering your profile criteria on registration will save hour after hour of needless communication and expense when it comes to sitters’ applications and owners’ responses.

We hope that you find your experience with housem8 a fulfilling one. Thank you.



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