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House Sitters Wanted

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SilverManuela Plank


Resident:United Kingdom
 Female Under 40
Preferences:Available Locations
United Kingdom
Gardening: will do gardening.
References: has written references.
Vehicle: DOES NOT have vehicle.
Pet Care: will care for pets.
Payment: DOES NOT expect to be paid for sitting.
Security Bond: IS prepared to deposit security bond.
Liability: holds liability insurance.

Pet Care Details

Sitter is willing and confident to excercise dogs off on and off the lead.

Sitter is willing to administer medicine to animals.

Sitter is willing to perform injections if required.

Willing to care forMax No.

More Information

My Skills

Highly experienced and professional full time house sitters, we have been house, pet and business sitting internationally for over five years.

We love our house sitting lifestyle, the highlights being all the lovely people we get to meet, many of whom become friends. It's our way of life, and we take it seriously. We don't treat a house sit as a holiday, but as a an exchange of trust and care.

We're very grateful to all our wonderful clients for the opportunities they have granted us through inviting us into their homes and lives. We receive trust, and in exchange, we provide loving care. The last five years have been the most amazing years of our lives, providing us with the most incredible opportunities. Each sit comes with it's own delights, and it is usually the unexpected ones that are the highlight of each experience.

Over the past 5 years, we've cared for over 50 cats, 38 dogs, 60 chickens, 30 geese, 25 ducks, 12 quail, 28 sheep, 5 goats, 3 pigs, a tortoise, 5 parrots, 2 budgies, 4 hamsters, 6 guinea pigs, a rabbit, and too many indoor and outdoor fish to count. We've gardened the lovely gardens and helped manage a Cafe.

House sitting provides us with a unique way to travel and live.

You can read more about me at my website. Type into Manuela and Plank.We started out as house sitters after we lost our own pets, to fill the void they left in our lives.

It rapidly grew to become much more than that. It became a way of life for us. A way of life we have found so fulfilling, that it brings joy to our hearts every day. We feel so very lucky to have discovered this path in our lives, and love the adventures and people it has brought into our lives.

We're now experienced house and pet sitters. The experiences and adventures we've had as house and pet sitters are unmatched. It brings a smile to our faces just thinking about it.

The TV wouldn't be on (we very don't watch it), there wouldn't be ashtrays (we don't smoke), there wouldn't be empty bottles strewn around, as we don't drink.

My Experience

Professionals, we are a female couple, partners for almost 28 years. Manu, a university lecturer and photographer. Andreas works in a hospital.We built our house in Austria ourselves, so we know how to maintain your house. We can (and do) handle all the practical stuff too. We're also happy to manage your mail and phone calls etc in your absence. We have references from many happy clients.

We caretake properties, offer pool care, basic garden maintenance, and can oversee properties that are on the market for sale.

Other Information

We will give your pets all the company and love that you would expect them to receive in your absence. We are fit and active (we ran marathons), so looking after your home and garden is not a problem, as we run, hike or swim daily, as well as our yoga practice. We are experienced with the care of elderly and sick pets, and are able to manage any pre-scheduled and emergency veterinary appointments and daily medication in your absence too.

We also get great pleasure from a job well done, and pay attention to detail.

In addition, we have experience of business sitting, for which we charge, but are available and experienced in managing B&Bs, gites, and other types of holiday accommodation and business in your absence.

We have many happy clients, many of whom have become friends over the years.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Andreas and Manuela

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