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House Sitters Wanted

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SilverJohn Edwards


Resident:United Kingdom
 Mixed Gender Couple Under 70
Preferences:Available Locations
United Kingdom
Gardening: will do gardening.
References: has written references.
Vehicle: has own vehicle.
Pet Care: will care for pets.
Payment: DOES NOT expect to be paid for sitting.
Security Bond: IS prepared to deposit security bond.
Liability: DOES NOT hold liability insurance.

Pet Care Details

Sitter is willing and confident to excercise dogs off on and off the lead.

Willing to care forMax No.

More Information

My Skills

Recently Retired Reliable Honest caring couple can travel most anywhere with tools skills and walking boots.

Hello everyone, my name is John, my wifeís name is Emilie, Emilie retired from her company secretary job in a large Bank in the Philippines a few years ago, I retired from the Public Transport Industry in November 2013.

We alternate our time between England and the Philippines, no specific dates, but usually when the best flight deals are available.

Since I was 17 I have actually visited over 50 countries and still love to travel.

My experience in Working On Organic Farms in New Zealand and Australia gave me a lot of insight and experience from painting, decorating, constructing willow hedges, to picking organic oranges and potatoes reglazing windows plus many gardening jobs, planting fir trees and looking after pets and chickens plus pigs.The WOOF organisation requires a person to work 4 hours a day for free board and keep, but I found it much more rewarding to carry on working until a particular job was finishedIn New Zealand I enjoyed staying at a local airfield in Stratford North Island every year for 7 years, usually staying for 3 to 4 months at a time.

I learnt to fly an aircraft, and enjoyed leisure time there, decorating and cutting grass and the odd times helping with hay making, driving a tractor for the local farm, or sawing logs and helping to organise fly ins.

I had had two close friends that owned the Caeto cafe in a remote mountain range.

They had not had a day off in a few years, so I ran it for them for 3 days and thoroughly enjoyed it.

WhatI did not realise, it was a public holiday and unlike most days when an odd motorist dropped in for a coffee break, the holiday brought so many people that the takings for 3 hours on that day were more than they take in a week.

Now thatís what I call an emergency and not quite panic.

Lucky some customers took pity on me and helped with washing plates to keep up with the rush
Of course that was before I got married again, now having to pay for two is getting a bit too expensive.

A few years ago in England, I had some very good friends, who owned a large Caravan site.

Mainly because they were close friends and I also had free rent on the site, I did most of the easy site maintenance like grass cutting painting and general security.

So, I am pretty versatile and can cope with most situations.

My Experience

We now have a house in Manila, and when in England we have a large Caravan on a permanent site so we are free to come and go as we please.

It was our plan in 2003 to take our car and do some touring in Europe as my wife, Emilie has only visited a few countries, in fact last year we took a tent for the first time and travelled through Belguim, France and Germany to Prague, a lot of people thought we were crazy to take such a small car filled up with tent and other equipment all that way, but we travelled 2000 miles in 10 days with no problems and had a great time.

Although I do spend a lot of time on the internet, I donít watch too much television as I would sooner be outside in the fresh air, gardening which gives a lot of pleasure, plus nice fresh vegetables, or repairing, painting or improving something.

We donít have a dog in our caravan because of room space, but recently we were with my daughter in Perth Australia and every day around 5.30, their dog, PIndy, was looking up expectantly for his daily walk, which he certainly enjoyed and so did we, it gave us a chance to meet many neighbours also out walking at the same time.

If you chose us to look after your valued house and pets, we will certainly do whatever is necessary to keep your pets happy, your house and valuables secure, your garden watered and new plants nurtured.

I have no problem coping with any emergencies if they came up.I can fix most things like water leaks, drain blockages electrical faults, very good at decorating and gardening.

We will be available from mid April 2013 until end of September or longer if required, Next year we would like to visit North America in the summer and New Zealand and Australia in their summer.
As you can see I would sooner be out and about in the summer doing gardening, rather than shovelling snow in the winter.

Other Information

Thank you for reading all this! John and Emilie Edwards

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