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House Sitters Wanted

Travel Resources for House Sitters and Home Owners

General House Sitter and Home Owner Travel Resources Page.

We provide links to resources specifically for house sitters under the 'Find a House Sitting assignment' on the home page.

We also provide advice specifically for home owners here.

Not only that, but also, on this page, you will find these general house sitters' travel resources:

house sitters international travel

World Clock, from




The world clock does pretty much what it says on the tin; it provides, well, a world clock. But it also has LOTS of other useful resources - countdown timer, number of days calculator, time difference calculator, all kinds of useful stuff. So, whether you're house sitting in Holland or Pet Sitting in Pakistan, it's worth adding to your browser favourites!'s currency converter is so much more than that, it also allows you to see historic trends in Forex rates, and has links to 'cost of living' calculators in different countries. If you charge money for house sitting, and you're doing that internationally, it's invaluable.


currency converter for intenational house sitters

Currency Exchange Tools from




House Sitters' travel can be complex to plan!

SkyScanner is very clever, because it shows, at a click, what routes are availabe from where to where, by excluding non-serviced destinations automatically. Thus, if you know that you want to fly from Birmingham, Alabama to, say, Madrid in Spain, the site would suggest changes to routes ifdirect flights weren't available. However if you were, let's imagine,  dog sitting in Denmark, and wanted to fly from *any* Scandinavian airport, Skyscanner would call up all availabe routes and prices in no time. Really damned clever!

 UK Skyscanner 120 x 60

"One of the cleverest and most useful websites for comparing airline fares"

House Sitters' language barrier issues.


Google translate logo

Google's 'Translate' - one of the worlds most powerful international communication tools . .

"Qu'est-ce que je peux dire, quel excellent site!"

"Wat kan ek sê, wat 'n uitstekende webwerf!"

"Çfarë mund të them, çfarë është një website të shkëlqyer!"

"ماذا يمكنني أن أقول، ما موقع ممتاز!"

and so on, ad nauseam. . .

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