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Knowledge Base Categories > Membership Issues > Non-receipt of joining confirmation e-mail

Non-receipt of joining confirmation e-mail

On joining as an owner or a house sitter or pet sitter, you should automatically receive a confirmation email to verify your e-mail address.

1) As soon as you have filled out the initial registration form, your assigned username should appear at the bottom of the screen. Please make a note of it, along with the password you just chose, although they can't be used just yet.

2) When / If you receive your confirmation e-mail, a clickable link appears within that message, entitled: "Please click here to verify your email address."

3) This verification then triggers the system to send a second e-mail to that same address. That second message confirms your assigned username and the password that you chose when registering, along with some basic initial instructions.

4) You should then be able to login and use the site with the username and password provided.

There are only two possible reasons for your initial confirmation e-mail NOT turning up. Either we haven't sent it (which we will have done, because it's an automated system and lots of people are joining every day, so we know it's working) OR you haven't received it. So, trust me, it'll be the second reason that's the problem here.

So, there are a variety of reasons why you might not be receiving e-mail, but if you ARE receiving it from some people but not others, the chances are that certain e-mails are being blocked by your e-mail provider or internet service provider.


 1) Check that your mail server is working by sending yourself  a 'mock' e-mail from the internet by clicking the link on the next line below:

If the text at the bottom of the page you just entered looks something like this. . . .

SMTP connection initialized to on TCP port 25. Beginning SMTP conversation.
<<< 220 ESMTP
>>> HELO
<<< 250
>>> QUIT
<<< 221

SUCCESS: Mail test was successful.

. . . . .then obviously your mail server is working fine.

2) If the above test is successful, then it could be your computer that's not receiving mail sent by the mail server.

To test this theory, call up a friend or relative from whom you have successfully received previous e-mail  and ask them to e-mail you a test message. If you receive that message, then your computer / mail client must be working fine.

3) If you are still not receiving e-mail from, your provider of mail services or internet access must be 'blocking' mails from us at the domain; either that, or, messages from us are going into your 'Spam' mailbox without your knowledge.

If you think this is the case, please see the Knowledge Base article within this Membership Issues category entitled "housem8 e-mails are NOT spam - how to help them through".


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