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House Sitters Wanted

Finding the right house sitting assignment or a suitable house sitter is easy using our unique Intelligent Matching System.

house sitter matching system logoOur website developers have spent many, many hours ensuring that our database driven house sitters' matching system is second to none; which means that our members can save significant time and expense in finding the right person or property for them without wasting time on needless applications and responses.

House Sitters Wanted

It’s too complicated to explain exactly how it works here, but, in short, this website’s owners have ten years of direct professional experience as dogsitters and house sitters throughout the world. This experience has been directly applied to the matching criteria in our system, thus educating homeowner and house-sitter alike as to exactly what is often required of sitters and expected of homeowners.

Dog Sitting Services:

For example, here at, we know the huge difference in effort required in looking after, say, a pair of lively English Springer Spaniels and a large country house with extensive gardens, and feeding the fish in a bijou urban apartment in a city centre.

house sitter at workThe Intelligent Matching System works by both homeowner and sitter alike answering some detailed questions during the registration process. Every question to homeowners has a ‘mirror’ selection asked of the sitters. On this basis, a house sitter / home owner suitability score is calculated and displayed, so that, so long as you're logged in, you know that the higher the % score, the more suitable the sitter is for you.

Trusted House Sitters' Criteria:

Here are just some of the criteria, which we know to be very important, when considering a pet sitting assignment or when choosing the right sitter for you. The system forces both homeowner and house sitter alike to consider many common (and sometimes unusual) requirements and eventualities that may arise during a house sitting assignment:

Will any element of Garden Maintenance be required of the sitter?

Will your Sitter Need to Have Their own Motorised Transport?

Do you expect your sitter to at least be in attendance of your property overnight, EVERY night of the assignment?

Does Any Animal Need to Have Important Regular Medication?

Does this medication involve giving any injection(s) with a hypodermic needle?

Would you be prepared to pay a 'professional' sitter for their services if their experience warranted this?

Would you expect to receive a cash 'security bond' from the sitter?

Experience shows that it takes homeowners and sitters alike around 20 minutes to fill out the answers by a simple ‘Yes / No checkbox’ system to about 50 such questions. But rest assured that about 20 minutes taken during the registration process will reap benefits in many hours and hours saved over the months and years of our members needing sitters and / or assignments.

To find out more, please see our ‘how it works’ video.

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