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House Sitters Wanted

I’m a house sitter, but the home owners' assignments are nearly always filled immediately! Why??

In short, it's because this house sitters' website is almost TOO efficient!

house sitting abroadWe’re victims of our own success here at, because, we’ve built a matching and profile system so good, that home owners can find ideal sitters within hours.

That's because, as soon as their owner profile is complete, the owners can see, at a glance, then privately contact, the top few sitters most suitable for them, listed in descending order by percentage scores.

In order to prevent the home owner from being deluged with applications, which is really the whole ethos of this website, they are then able to click a button on their member dashboard that puts their assignment 'on hold'. At this stage, the 'apply for assignment' button disappears.

Finally, when a sitter is confirmed as having been selected, one click of a mouse removes the assignment from the listings, informs the successful sitter and automatically gives the bad news to all unsuccesful applicants.

A house sitting site with no homeowners’ listings – surely you cannot be serious?!

You see, unlike some other house sitters’ listings websites, we allow homeowners to do two things:

The exact date of any house sitter’s availability is controllable and it’s taken into account when an owner is searching for a sitter, via our very clever matching system.

house sitters uk and indiaSo, without boring you to death with the tedious detail, we’re so good at what we do, that owners’ listings rarely stay on the site for more than a few hours, as homeowners have found their ideal house sitters, thanks, and then their accounts go dormant until they need another sitter in, say, 12 month’s time.

As a result, because sitters don't see hundreds of homeowners' listings, they think the website might not be worth joining!

So, how do we improve our house sitters’ finder service whilst managing to make a fair return on our investment, then?

Good question. Here’s the dilemma. We could attract more sitters, and make a dishonest profit, by listing fictional homeowners, make our website appear incredibly busy with owners’ listings (which it already is, but no-one sees them!), then charge $30+ for sitters to join.

We know this would work, because when we first launched housem8, an honest database error put lots of testing example assignments onto the site, and we made hundreds in the first two days, which we had to manually refund by PayPal! That hurt!

Thus - in the future, we may make the listing fee very cheap for sitters, say US$10 per year, and that way, if you’re not contacted because your listing is mis-spelled and your grammar is appalling, your photo is out of focus or non existent, then you’ve only lost ten bucks and you only have yourself to blame.

The matching system will still work beautifully, the homeowners will still contact you and I might get my development costs back in about 4 years! But for now, whilst the jury is stil out, it's FREE for EVERYONE, so enjoy your house sitting!

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