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How this house sitter website Works
House Sitters available can join our sitter website for free.

House Sitter Wanted

Find the ideal house sitter or pet sitter to look after your home & pets while you are away.

House Sitter Wanted?

House Sitting Work Available

Find a house sitting or pet sitting assignment when and where you would prefer.

House Sitting Jobs

Don't just take our word for it! See what our home owners & house sitters are saying!

House Sitters Wanted!

House Sitters, Pet sitters and Home Owners can use our service for FREE!

This website provides house owners the facility to advertise their requirements to potential house sitters and pet sitters and vice versa. Our system will filter the search results to provide you with a list of sitters or properties to ideally match your requirements by percentage score.

You can easily amend the search results by adjusting the filter mechanism until you have a list of higher scores for better results! You can then decide which of the candidates to invite or choose assignments to apply.

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Why Use a House Sitter or Pet Sitter?


The benefits of using a pet sitter or house sitter are too various to mention them all here, but the obvious advantages are, at a glance: .

  • Your house and family home is not left unattended for more than a few hours at a time (if at all) with obvious security benefits.
  • If an incident such as a water leak, gas leak, electricity failure or fallen tree occurs, the sitter can inform you or just deal with the problem with pre-nominated tradespersons.
  • Pets from horses to dogs, cats, snakes, lizards and livestock can be cared for in their accustomed environment by a sitter in your absence, which is often preferable to putting animals into kennels, catteries and similar places.
  • Your home insurance company is more likely to prefer that your house is attended in your absence than it stand empty. In fact, many home insurance policies insist that properties are not left unattended for more than 30 consecutive days.
  • No need to 'winterise' a property that can be kept warm (and consequently less likely to become damp) by the house sitter. Whether or not the sitter contributes to the heating bills can be decided by negotiation.

Why Take a House Sitting Job or Pet Sitting Assignment?

Whether or not you choose to charge for your services depends upon many factors from your house sitting experience, pet sitting skills and references, and not least your motivation for becoming a sitter. Here are some of the many advantages to the house sitting lifestyle:

  • If no dogs are involved, you should be able to leave the property for an agreed number of hours each day. This should enable you to either view properties for sale if looking to relocate, research employment opportunities or go sightseeing if you're using house sitting as a subsidised holiday.
  • If pets such as dogs are involved in the house sitting agreement, then, of course, you'll be expected to exercise them at least once a day, and your sightseeing opportunities will be severely restricted. However, if the property is in a particularly pleasant location, or you just enjoy the company of dogs (without the commitment of always having your own) then dog sitting is an ideal way for a sitter to get exercise, make new canine friends and discover new locations across the world!
  • Don't expect to use house sitting as a way of replacing regular accommodation if you are in regular employment, as long term sitting jobs in exactly the right location for you are unlikely to come along for a sufficient duration. However, if you are location independent (e.g. a writer, web developer or graphic designer) then a house sitting lifestyle, even performing assignments back-to-back, could well be for you.
  • Many people use house sitting as a way of travelling with free or subsidised accommodation, or indeed if visiting relatives, but don't want to stay full-time in their house. For example, someone living in the UK or USA might have parents in Perth, Australia, and would love to visit regularly, but need their own space each day. A house sitting assignment in the nearby area is the ideal way to keep in regular contact with one's family but still having a place to call 'your own' each evening.
  • Some pet sitters charge money for their services, which is perfectly appropriate, so long as their experience warrants it. Here at, our system allows owners and sitters to stipulate levels of remuneration they feel to be reasonable, and our matching system takes this into account.
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